The design of the guest bathroom was tricky - it had to be a bit of a hodgepodge because we were reusing our old 30's style clawfoot bath and sink. My original plan was to use some stunning swedish concrete tiles in a rich green, but the cost of importing them proved (ahem) let's say prohibitive. Instead I looked a bit nearer to home, at the current Fired Earth collection and found a beautiful big green tile in a pretty institutional green - it puts me in mind of the colour palette of the film Atonement, a kind of cross processed, quintessentially early twentieth century vibe. It was also sensibly priced, which was key as the ceilings in this room are double height and we wanted to tile all the way up...

With white grouting the tiles looked really strong, so we went crisp and clean white throughout, from walls to painted floorboards. I've added my vintage Veedol tin sign as it picks up the green and a delightfully shabby green work trolley from Baileys.

It also seemed like a great place to display a burgeoning (well, two so far) collection of green glass carboys. Great for displaying a few faux botanical stems - in this case, eucalyptus.

Final and favourite touch, a green and white braided rug from the Braided Rug Company - it gives it a touch of Americana and is my absolute favourite thing in the room - it softens the acoustics and makes this otherwise cool space feel cosy.