In a space where we once housed almost everything we owned and our only bathroom, we now have a lovely space for storage and stowage. I am far from minimalist, but I relish the chance to give everything a HOME, so that it is where you need it, when you need it. This has never been possible before, so my mind is fairly blown. I keep going in and folding towels and wiping down sides and hanging things up and just relishing putting things away.

We reused our old kitchen sink and worktop, but we've had a lovely new oak bench and some raw oak shelves from Garden Trading fitted. We've had a booze fridge put in, which is a very heaven and should be included in the hierarchy of needs. The walls are Gauze and the woodwork Dark Gauze from Little Greene, which feels cool and restful. Right now it looks incredibly sparse and pared back, which won't last, but there's room for everything to have a proper place. Happy Darrens.